Origami Paper Hat

DIY paper hat. instructions and 5 diagrams.

Everyone knows how to make a hat out of paper for painting using the simplest schemes. In an extreme case, intuition will help here: many people folded paper steamers and boats in childhood, it is in their likeness that a simple hat is folded for repair. But the art of paper folding does not tolerate monotony or flatness. There are a lot of methods for folding paper hats, you should also not forget about the imagery of thinking: you can fold a military cap for children, fold a pirate cocked hat for a boy, make an original hat with brims or a paper cap with a visor for walking. there are many variations for both play and everyday life. Choose any hats folding scheme below and get down to business soon!

Origami Paper Hat

Necessary materials

Origami hats are made from any paper at hand. They can be folded from newspaper or used unnecessary trimming of wallpaper. so unassuming is the origami hat in the material of execution. Take yesterday’s Izvestia or plain office paper. it doesn’t matter. Much more significant is the decor, thanks to which the paper hat will acquire a thematic identity (pirate, gentleman’s, cowboy). To decorate the headdress, use feathers, any appliqués, drawings and inscriptions, buttons and any other handy details. So a simple paper cap will easily become a pioneer, an army, and even a navy.

Samurai paper helmet

Origami Paper Hat

Let’s first decide on the purpose of our future paper cap, and then we immediately start making it. For children, a samurai helmet is perfect for playing the game. It develops surprisingly simple. Our step-by-step instructions will help you make your child happy with a new play attribute in 2 minutes. Let’s get started?

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Origami Paper Hat

  • Prepare a sheet of paper in the shape of a regular square (see Fig. 1). Fold the piece of paper diagonally, and turn the resulting triangle into a square, bending the sharp corners to the top;
  • Bend the lower corners of the "front" side to the opposite corner, and then again bend the upper corners outward, forming "ears" protruding beyond the boundaries of the workpiece;
  • The Japanese paper hat is almost ready. Bend the bottom corner of the upper plane up, slightly overlap it on the bends of the workpiece, tuck the bottom again, fixing the shape;
  • Turn the cap over to fold up the "extra" corner on the back side, unfold the product. you have learned how to make a hat out of paper with your own hands for your fidget shogun.

By the way, you can also make a paper shuriken star for a complete set.

Homemade garrison cap

Origami cap is a universal thing. Its role-based binding depends solely on how you will decorate it (painted, painted). Let’s figure out how to make a paper cap. Look at the picture below. a detailed breakdown of the diagram will tell you about the process in detail. In fig. 2 specially shows how to make a garrison cap from newspaper, since its standard spread sets a sufficient size for a headgear for the middle head. So:

Origami Paper Hat

  • An origami garrison cap is folded from a rectangular sheet. Fold it in half, and then bend inward the upper "closed" corners of the convolution, bringing them together corner to corner, edge to edge (see fig.);
  • Tuck the top "side" up twice, then turn the workpiece over. Bend the planes towards you on both sides, setting the desired size (we make a cap for yourself, a teenager, a small child);
  • Tuck the lower edge of the workpiece towards you without overlap on the protruding folds, unfold the edge and bend its corners along the marked line of the new fold;
  • Fold the bottom plane up twice, covering all previously made folds. In fact, the paper cap is ready;
  • Turning the workpiece over, fold the top of the bundle downward, aligning it with the base of the workpiece. Then tuck this fold over the side of the bundle, straighten the product. you have a pioneer cap in your hands. I managed to make a paper cap with my own hands in just a couple of minutes.
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Hat with brim

If you can make a garrison cap in no time, see how to make a paper hat with your own hands (Fig. 3). The task is elementary simple:

Origami Paper Hat

  • Make a regular square out of the newspaper, fold it diagonally, then in half and again in half. we outline the bends;
  • The future origami hat returns to the stage of the folded square. "Closed" corners are folded inward without joining bends along the edges (see figure);
  • Fresh folds must be opened from the inside and squeezed along the plane of the workpiece. Unfold the product face down and bend the edges towards you along the previously marked fold lines. Bend the “sides” on each side towards you.

The spectacular homemade hat is folded at its best! All that remains is to straighten it, push the dome a little and, of course, show the children how to make a paper hat for the upcoming walk in the park.

Paper cap

Fig. 4 shows how to make a hat with a visor out of paper or, as the people say, an ordinary baseball cap. We will make a paper cap with a visor using a standard newspaper spread.

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Origami Paper Hat

  • We bend the "closed" corners inward, bringing the corners and edges together. We turn the lower side out twice (see also how to make a cap-type cap out of paper. a similar scheme);
  • On the reverse side, we bend the locking corners, then bend the planes towards ourselves on both sides, focusing on the size of the cap required (universally. orientation to the center);
  • We continue to figure out how to make a hat with a visor out of paper. Bend the bottom plane towards you along the edges. From it we bend the double corners inward, they will need to be wrapped inside the workpiece (see Fig.);
  • Turning the bundle upside down "face", bend a larger angle to the lower edge and tuck it over the "side". Spread the hat by tucking the side corners over the sides. Now it’s no secret for you how to make a cap out of the spread of yesterday’s newspaper.

Do you know how to make a paper hat out of paper for long, of course, playful voyages? It will not be a paper hat with a visor, not a garrison cap and not a samurai helmet at all. In fig. 5 shows how a paper headdress looks like a paper boat.

Origami Paper Hat

It’s funny, but this is a hat from the boat’s diagram, only with narrowed sides. So now you know not only how to make a hat from a newspaper spread, but also how to fold a seafarer’s hat when making paper boats. There are still a lot of articles about origami with interesting and surprisingly useful homemade products ahead. Moving on?