Light Ball Figures

Figurines from balls

light ball figures

Balloon modeling is relatively new. Only closer to the middle of the twentieth century, when the production of latex sausage balloons began to flow, people began to enthusiastically create figures from balloons. Previously available only to selected masters due to imperfection of materials, figures, it became possible to do for everyone. After all, it was only in the 50s of the twentieth century that the balls became strong and elastic enough to make the simplest things out of them. Previously, the balls had a predominantly standard round shape, and sausage balls, along with low quality, were also an unaffordable luxury.

Today, creating figures from balls is available to everyone. Adults and children alike can make various toys with ease. Animals, heroes of popular cartoons, festive decorations for the interior, swords, machines, motorcycles, cars. All this modeling from balls, speaking in a professional language. Twisting. This is what the art of modeling from balloons is called. A person who twists is called a twister. Many people naively believe that the creation of shapes from balls. The occupation is frivolous and mostly childish, without even realizing that whole conferences on twisting are held, where professionals in their field share the secrets of developing more and more new models. It is difficult to call such models toys from balls. What is a sofa or a motorcycle made of life-size balls? However, at such events, they share the secrets of creating various things from a pair of sausage balls, which are also quite difficult to create due to the presence of a large number of different twists.

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Ball toys

A person who skillfully manages balloons becomes a welcome guest and the soul of the company at almost every holiday or festive event. This type of art is also interesting because there are practically no limits for improvement both in the variety of created models and in the speed of their modeling. In addition, balloon modeling, like any other hobby, brings children and their parents closer together. If you start making balloon figures today, you can achieve great results tomorrow. And given that twisting. A relatively new art form, it is difficult to imagine what heights can be achieved in such a seemingly uncomplicated craft.

There are no special rules in twisting, strict adherence to which is necessary. Modeling from balls. A creative process, where imagination must be connected first. Only at first, twisting classes require studying the basic types of twists and memorizing a simple rule: no matter what the conceived figure, all twists must always be done with one hand and only in one direction. It is also worth remembering that you should not twist the ball more than 2-3 turns. Remembering these simple rules and connecting due diligence, very soon you can become a professional in your field and tirelessly surprise your friends, family and friends with wonderful figures from balls. Our twisting lessons will certainly help you in conquering the peaks in this exciting activity.

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