Diy Large Soft Toys

15 beautiful DIY stuffed toys ideas

As the great Coco Chanel said Handmade things are a luxury.

It is not necessary for everyone to have them.

Anyone who wants to have them makes them himself or pays the master for his work.

DIY large soft toys

Fleece bunny

The stuffed toy is the first teddy bear association. But the concept of a soft toy contains much more. This interior toy Tilda, and funny toys in the car, and much more. This article contains various types of soft toys, as well as techniques for their implementation and step-by-step master classes.

Types of soft toys with your own hands

Such toys can be divided into several subspecies: for children and adults, interior toys, with practical use (for example, needle beds).

DIY large soft toys

Christmas tree toy

Also, toys can be divided according to the type of material used: fur, cotton or linen fabrics, felt, fancy fabrics.

DIY large soft toys

Folk toys

Folk toys, as well as soft toys made in national handicraft techniques, have gained particular popularity today.

DIY soft fur toy

This handmade fur toy is especially warm and beautiful. Both natural and artificial fur can be used for its sewing. Of course, it is much easier to work with artificial, but if you decide to sew a toy from natural fur, you will get a unique designer toy! First you need to decide on the pattern of the toy, the larger the finished product, the easier it will be to work with. Small details are especially difficult for beginners.

DIY large soft toys

Fur bunny

Circle the details and cut with a 0.5 cm margin per seam. Unlike fabric, it is best not to use scissors when working with fur. If you don’t have a tailor’s knife, use a sharp stationery knife. Cut with sharp, short strokes, do not drive the knife deeply so as not to cut the fur.

DIY large soft toys

Fur hares

Sewing the fur, it is necessary to apply two front sides to each other and straighten the fur outward. After sewing the toy, you need to leave a small hole through which the toy is turned inside out and filled with filler. Previously, toys were stuffed with cotton wool, pieces of tissue remnants.

But this stuffing dries for a very long time during washing and often after cleaning the toy was thrown away only because the stuffing was not dry enough and mold appeared inside. Modern fillers are made of synthetic materials (synthetic winterizer and others), which dry quickly and well, do not get confused and retain their shape. After stuffing, it remains to sew with a blind seam.

DIY large soft toys

Blind seam


DIY felt soft toy

Today felt toys are the most popular at children’s master classes and handicraft circles. But they appeared not so long ago, and there is even an exact date of their appearance.

DIY large soft toys

Margaret Steiff and her first dolls

An enterprising German woman, Margaret Steiff, came up with an idea in a magazine for housewives to sew a stuffed toy out of felt with her own hands. In the magazine, absolutely free, Margaret published a pattern and a detailed master class. But in a note she said where exactly you can buy felt for such toys.

Such a move in 1879 made it possible to found the toy empire in just a few years. The nuance was that the toys were both sewn at the factory, and blanks for toys that could be sewn on their own were sold. She left the empire to her children and grandchildren, and gave the world a fashion for a soft toy.

DIY large soft toys

Felt puppy

Master class felt dog

To work you will need: brown, white and black felt, scissors, a needle and thread, beads or eyes for toys and a hot glue gun.

DIY large soft toys

Felt puppy step 1

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We print the pattern, cut and sew every detail step by step.

DIY large soft toys

Felt puppy step 2

Depending on the type of seam, you can create completely different textures of the toy.

DIY large soft toys

Felt puppy step 3

If the parts are connected with glue, the toy can only be cleaned dry. When wet, the parts will separate.

DIY large soft toys

Felt puppy step 4

DIY large soft toys

Felt puppy step 5

DIY soft toys made of fabric

Cloth toys appeared much earlier than felt ones. But with the advent of fur and plush toys, they were unfairly forgotten for a while. With the advent of plastic, even fabric toys for children have gone out of use. But today, with a new wave of popularity, handicrafts have rekindled the popularity of fabric toys. The most popular interior toy today is Tilda.

When you look at the Tilda doll, you get the feeling that the roots of this toy go far back to the Middle Ages. Not at all. Tilda’s appearance was in the 90s of the last century by the young designer Tony Finnanger. The girl was full of ideas and one of the many ideas was Tilda. Today it is impossible to imagine a gentle, home interior without her. And craftswomen from all over the world are simply in love with Tony’s idea and create prototypes to their taste.

DIY large soft toys

Tilda Angels

: Tilda’s master class

Do-it-yourself stuffed animal toys: chicken, fox, horse, penguin, pig and others

With the advent of the crumbs, I want to change the world for the better, create a special atmosphere at home. And a child he is, after all, perfection itself, and so you want him to play with unique toys filled with mother’s love.

DIY toys are simple. We have collected master classes of a variety of animal toys from a variety of materials. Note that children under 2 years old pull everything into their mouths. Therefore, the material should be natural, preferably lint-free. Wonderful fur toys are best presented in the third year of life.

DIY large soft toys

Felt chicken

DIY large soft toys

Chicken pattern

Chicken pattern, it can be sewn as for a baby and put in testicle toys. Or you can create a wonderful Easter basket.

: Learning to sew an author’s soft textile toy Elephant. Fox pattern. Horse pattern. : How to Sew a Penguin Finger Toy. Aleftinka pig pattern. Pattern of a giraffe and his company.

DIY soft toy minion

Since the release of the cartoon Despicable Me, the world of toys has changed forever. Yes, everyone, as before, loves bears, but at the sight of cute minions, kids and adults are delighted. At the exhibitions, toys minions are the first to disperse. Would you like to sew for the child yourself? As easy as pie! It remains to choose a favorite hero for your kid.

: Master class we sew a minion

DIY simple soft toys

For beginners, many details may seem too complex and the desire to create will gradually disappear. For beginners, we have selected simple patterns that children can cope with with the connection. These patterns are especially relevant in creativity lessons in schools.

DIY large soft toys

Simple hedgehog pattern

DIY large soft toys

Simple dachshund pattern

DIY bouquets of soft toys

Conservationists struggled with the sale of fresh flowers for a long time, until someone introduced bouquets of sweets or toys into fashion. Now this global trend is so popular that in some countries the sale of fresh flowers has halved.

DIY large soft toys

Bouquets of stuffed toys Kitty

Gathered for a holiday? Make a bouquet of stuffed toys yourself! This is a unique gift that will take pride of place in the birthday girl’s bedroom for a long time.

: Bouquet of toys. Master class for beginners

DIY soft toys pillows

Well, having touched the world of toys, it is impossible not to remember about the pillow toys that fill the sofas of all needlewomen. These are the favorite things of both family and guests. Please note that sitting down on the sofa, few will resist not reaching out and touching the toy half. And kids travel with pleasure with their favorite soft toys, falling asleep to the noise of the roads.

: Toy pillow owl. : Patchwork Pillow Toy

DIY flat stuffed toys

Flat toys are the easiest to perform, most often made with felt. But there are different variations. Such toys attract with their prostate and laconic cut, interesting textures and the ability to take with you everywhere.

: DIY soft toys. Master class, we sew cats

DIY soft toys patterns for beginners

Novice needlewomen do not have to spend a lot of money on rags and tools. Sometimes simple tights or socks are enough to create beauty.

We have also collected the simplest patterns for beginners.

DIY large soft toys

The simplest patterns of toys for beginners Kitten

DIY large soft toys

The simplest toy patterns for beginners

DIY soft toy patterns: hare, cat, peppa pig, monkey, owl, smeshariki, mouse, frog

And in conclusion, a selection of do-it-yourself cartoon toys, made in simple techniques.

DIY large soft toys

Hello Kitty pattern

DIY large soft toys

Peppa pattern

DIY large soft toys

Smeshariki pattern

How to sew a soft toy with your own hands. patterns and diagrams

DIY large soft toys
  1. Which material to choose?
  2. Types of soft toys
  3. How to sew a soft toy with a pattern with your own hands: a funny teddy bear made of fleece
  4. Materials and tools
  5. Step by step master class
  6. We sew a soft toy with our own hands: a funny turtle
  7. Materials and tools
  8. Step by step master class
  9. DIY workshop on sewing a soft toy: volumetric hippo
  10. Material and tools
  11. Step by step master class
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Which material to choose?

The following fabrics are suitable for sewing large and small soft toys for children with their own hands:

  • jersey The advantage of this type of fabric is that it stretches easily;
  • silk is not too obedient when used, but ideal for sewing dresses and various decorations;
  • artificial fur is used for sewing soft toys in the form of animals;
  • wool dense material with a thief;
  • cotton this material is distinguished by a variety of colors;
  • velor and velvet due to the hairiness, you can imitate the wool of animals;
  • Felt is often used for sewing soft toys, since this material is obedient to use and pleasant to the touch.

The choice of fabric for sewing soft toys is selected depending on the purpose of a particular part, as well as personal preferences.

Types of soft toys

To date, the following types of soft toys are known:

  • classic in the form of animals, people;
  • educational game panels, hanging carousels, etc.
  • soft rattles are sewn inside special mechanisms;
  • books are most often sewn from felt, but you can use another type of fabric;
  • soft cubes of foam rubber, covered with fabric;
  • soft balls, the main plus is lightness and functionality;
  • special mechanisms are built into the music, when pressed, various sounds are emitted.

Soft toys are large and small in size, round, square and others in shape, short and long in length, heavy and light in weight. It should be noted that the degree of softness of the toy depends on the density of the filling. In addition, the densely packed product is heavy.

How to sew a soft toy with a pattern with your own hands: a funny teddy bear made of fleece

DIY large soft toys

If your child loves soft toys, you can please him with a funny polar fleece bear. He will become a good friend and companion in games. For sewing a cool little soft toy, such a pattern is used.

DIY large soft toys

The contours of the details must be drawn on cardboard, cut out, and then circled on the fabric. On the diagram, you should get 2 parts of the calf, 4 legs, 1 nose. In addition, on a white fleece, you need to draw two circles of the same diameter. These will be the eyes of the bear.

Materials and tools

To sew a do-it-yourself soft toy from fabric according to a pattern, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • fleece in brown and white;
  • ready-made pattern;
  • needle and thread;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • a small piece of artificial leather (a nose will be made from it);
  • filler;
  • two beads for the pupils.

Step by step master class

So, we sew a simple soft toy with our own hands according to a pattern, and a step-by-step master class with, selected especially for beginners, will help to carry out our plans:

    1. Cut out all the details from the felt.
    DIY large soft toys

    Attach white felt circles to the torso and secure with pins. Then sew with a sewing machine or by hand.

    DIY large soft toys

    Connect the parts for the legs two at a time, secure with pins. Then sew on. Turn out.

    DIY large soft toys

    Combine the elements of the torso on two wrong sides outward. Insert the feet and attach with pins

    DIY large soft toys

    Approximately 5 mm apart from the edge, sew the details from the wrong side. Leave a hole on one side to allow filling of the toy with padding. Unscrew the product.

    DIY large soft toys

    Place the filler inside the resulting workpiece. Sew up the hole.

    DIY large soft toys

    Embroider details: use black thread to make a mouth.

    DIY large soft toys

    To create a nose, you will need to cut a circle out of faux leather. Then stitch the needle near the edge of the circle with a seam forward. At the end, do not fasten the thread with a knot, but pull on it so that the product is pulled together.

    DIY large soft toys

    Sew the finished nose into place. Sew the beads onto the white felt circles to simulate the pupils. Make eyelashes with the same black thread that was embroidered with the mouth.

    DIY large soft toys

    It turned out to be a funny little bear.

    DIY large soft toys

    You can attach a decorative flower to its foot or decorate it in a different way at your own discretion.

    We sew a soft toy with our own hands: a funny turtle

    DIY large soft toys

    It is easy and quick to make a soft toy made of fabric in the shape of a turtle with your own hands if you have a ready-made template or diagram at hand. It should be noted that such a product is suitable for use as a pillow or children’s toy.

    The manufacturing process is so simple that even 5th grade students will be able to sew such a soft toy in labor lessons using the following pattern.

    DIY large soft toys

    Materials and tools

    The following list of materials and tools will be required:

    • fabric in green and brown with a pattern (you can choose other suitable colors);
    • ready-made pattern;
    • filler;
    • beads or buttons for the eyes;
    • needle;
    • a thread;
    • scissors;
    • pin.
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    On a note! A synthetic winterizer, cotton wool, foam rubber or other material is suitable as a filler for a soft toy.

    Step by step master class

    For beginners, step-by-step instructions will help to sew a soft toy with their own hands:

    1. Transfer the pattern from paper to fabric. You will need 2 parts of the tail, head, shell, 8 paws. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the lower part of the shell should be slightly smaller than the upper one. The head, legs and tail will be green and the carapace brown. Cut out. Make 4 darts on the blank intended for the upper part of the shell (they can be seen on). This will help to give the bulge.
    DIY large soft toys

    Sew both parts of the shell together, chipping them for convenience with pins. Leave a small hole for the filler to get inside.

    DIY large soft toys

    Sew the paws and head, leaving a hole for the filler. Fill with padding not too tight. The tail is also sewn, but the hole does not need to be left as it does not need to be filled.

    DIY large soft toys

    Sew all legs and head back into place with a blind stitch.

    DIY large soft toys
    DIY large soft toys

    Stuff in the carapace, sew on the tail and sew up the hole.

    DIY large soft toys

    Sew on beads in place of the eyes or embroider them with black thread.

    DIY large soft toys

    In an embrace with such a turtle, the child will be happy to fall asleep, and during the daytime you cannot play with it.

    DIY workshop on sewing a soft toy: volumetric hippo

    DIY large soft toys

    Even if the shelves in the children’s room are bursting with toys, there is always a place on them for a fancy hippo. After all, he is so cute and handsome that he has every right to claim the title of a pet. And it is easy to sew such a children’s soft toy with your own hands.

    The scheme for making a soft toy in the form of a hippo with your own hands is presented below. 24

    Material and tools

    For work you will need:

    • high density cotton fabric (two colors);
    • paper pattern;
    • filler;
    • buttons for the tail and nostrils (3 pcs.);
    • small braid;
    • 2 beads or ready-made eyes.

    Step by step master class

    So, sewing a soft toy for babies is carried out as follows:

    1. Cut out all the details from the paper diagram. Then attach them to the fabric and transfer the contours of the elements in the specified amount. Cut out. The body can be made from a material of the same color. In this case, it is more convenient to cut the back and tummy in one piece. To do this, you will have to connect both parts of the paper pattern in the area of ​​the muzzle. You can use other fabric colors to highlight the feet.
    DIY large soft toys

    Align matching parts and sew them on the wrong side, leaving holes for the stuffing.

    DIY large soft toys

    Turn the stitched parts to the front side and fill with padding polyester, cotton wool or other used material.

    DIY large soft toys

    To securely fix the eyes in their place, it is necessary to sew a piece of non-woven fabric on the back of the muzzle.

    DIY large soft toys

    Sew the back and tummy along the face if two parts are used, and not one piece. Sew on the side pieces. At this stage, you should sew on the ears. If this is not done, you will have to rip off part of the seam on the head on both sides. You will also have to sew in the paws.

    DIY large soft toys
    DIY large soft toys

    In the area of ​​the bend of the muzzle, lightly pick up the material and fix it with a pin. The next step is to flash it.

    DIY large soft toys

    Thus, we have a blank with an unsewn back edge.

    DIY large soft toys
    DIY large soft toys

    Turn the toy out.

    DIY large soft toys
    DIY large soft toys

    Now it’s time to make the eyes. To do this, in a certain place, you must first make small cuts. Then it is worth fixing the eyes. If beads are used, they just need to be glued. You can also use buttons for this purpose by sewing them with thread.

    DIY large soft toys

    Stuff the toy with padding polyester or other material.

    DIY large soft toys

    Sew up the hole with a blind stitch. Take the braid and sew on the back, making a ponytail. Decorate with a button.

    DIY large soft toys

    Sew on the nostrils as in the picture.

    DIY large soft toys

    Here is such a funny hippo. It will definitely become a favorite toy for a child. Even the smallest can play with it. But in this case, you have to take care of safety: get rid of small parts. This is easy to do: do not use buttons and eyes to embroider with thread.

    Even for beginners, it will be easy to make a unique craft in the form of a soft toy with your own hands not only with the diagram: you can also get acquainted with the master classes on.